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Jensen Transformers VRD-1FF
Cable TV Ground Isolator

Our Price: $69.99


We DO accept Purchase Orders from approved schools and government agencies for orders over $1000.00. Please call us for more information and details at 316-616-0488.

Apprx. Ships in: Same Day

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  • Improves audio/video quality by reducing 60 Hz ground currents

  • 2 MHz to 1300 MHz bandwidth spans VHF/FM/UHF/CATV spectrum

  • Low VSWR helps prevent digital cable channel degradation

  • Capacitive based design minimizes broadcast channel interference

  • Meets FCC Part 76 Regulations for CATV systems

This capacitive based isolator provides a high impedance barrier to AC power
related ground currents, preventing hum or buzz in sound systems or "hum bars"
in video systems, while providing a transparent path for radio frequency video and cable modem signals.

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